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Topics covered include:



Topics covered include:

Our Programs

Our Programs

Showing up meaningfully for ourselves and each other at work

In this session, we build awareness and understanding of both mental health and mental illness by introducing the two continua model of mental illness and mental health. We normalize diverse experiences and explore how to talk about and support each other through the challenges we all face.

  • Have increased awareness of how changes in functioning may lead to and be affected by mental illness and challenges to mental health
  • Recognize common signs and symptoms of mental health and mental illness
  • Be able to outline support options and resources
  • Know what to say or do to help connect with self and others in times of concern, challenge and through the ebbs and flows of being human

Navigating perfectionism, feelings of inadequacy and what is “enough” in high performance cultures

Something is happening in the workplace, where no matter how much we achieve and accomplish, we do not feel like it’s enough. We can’t put work down. We are not sleeping, not taking care of our bodies, we feel the need to be perfect or at least excellent all the time in all of the different aspects of our lives: as employees, colleagues, parents, friends, children and even acquaintances. In this session we explore The Practice Lab’s individual and team model of mental health competencies (the ability to regulate physiology, relate to self and other with kindness, and recognize context meaningfully) that individuals, teams and leaders can develop to support healthy performance and achievement in high achieving work cultures.

  • Way of approaching the performance paradox and work that promotes social, emotional and psychological well-being, that is immediately actionable
  • Strategies to address the physiology of stress
  • Practices to relate to self and others meaningfully

The research is clear: emotions are data about what we need and what we are experiencing, the proper use of which is critical to unlocking creativity, achievement, and fulfillment at work. Yet, in high performance cultures, we are taught to avoid, suppress, hide and ignore what we feel. In this session, we look at the science of emotions (what are they and why do they matter), and the role emotions play in helping us to understand and navigate professional challenges, growth and development.

  • Understanding the science and importance of emotions at work and beyond
  • Strategies to become emotionally literate
  • Practices to engage meaningfully in the physiology of emotions (regulating ourselves and others)

Working with drive and dread effectively

For achievers, there is a near constant focus on outcomes, advancement, promotion, development, progression and improvement. This session explores the impact of that attention on how we perceive and experience the world, our mental health, looking specifically at neuroplasticity (how the brain learns new ideas) and the research in positive psychology on explanatory styles (how we choose to explain adversity in the world around us). We practice tools and techniques to relate to ourselves and others, with a view to developing our cognitive resilience.

  • Personal inventory of responses to adversity
  • Alternative scripts to experiment with when facing adversity
  • Practices to develop resilience

Navigating burnout and our relationship with productivity and efficiency

More and more, it feels less like we are working all the time. We are exhausted. We feel guilty and anxious. We are past the point of burnout, and yet, we still power through (or hobble on). At the same time, it seems like things would be so much better if only we could do more (tackle our to-dos, exercise, meditate, get that quality time in with loved ones, get ahead on that big project, etc.). This session explores the idea of burnout, how it shows up in high performance cultures, and how the systems that support us in excelling also contribute to our exhaustion.

  • Signs and symptoms of burnout (and the physiology of prolonged stress)
  • Strategies to alleviate that nagging feeling that there’s both more to do and nothing left to give
  • Practices to meaningfully prevent and address burnout that are immediately actionable

Navigating uncertainty and ambiguity at work

More often than not, professionally and personally, we find ourselves facing the challenges of change – shifts not only in our day-to-day rhythm, but in the context in which we operate. The promise of “what’s ahead” often comes with even more demand, responsibility, and pressure. In the context of continued uncertainty, how can we show up for ourselves, our loved ones, and our colleagues in ways that acknowledge our own limitations? This session explores the idea of expectations, and strategies we can use to understand ourselves and others through the rhythms of uncertainty ahead.

  • Model of working with expectations that encourages empathy
  • Strategies to address the feelings of helplessness and exhaustion
  • Practices to meaningfully engage with self and others when our power/control is limited

Design a single session, a series or comprehensive educational curriculum to meet the needs of your specific organization. Examples of past custom sessions topics include, the working parent, maternal mental health in the workplace, compassion fatigue for talent developers and human resource professionals Examples of custom curriculum topics include everyday emotional intelligence for leaders and mental health competencies in high performing teams.

Developed in conjunction with what your people are looking to learn/the needs assessment

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